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Optimize your building's fire protection, thermal efficiency, and acoustic performance with James Hardie Fire Rockwool Insulation. Crafted specifically for integration with James HardieSmart Blade and Aged Care wall systems, this premium mineral wool insulation is tailored to meet rigorous fire safety standards while enhancing your building's comfort. Available in both 60mm and 85mm thicknesses and various widths, it's designed to fit a wide range of applications seamlessly.


Storage and Handling Guidelines for Hardie Fire Insulation

For optimal longevity and performance, store HardieFire insulation in a dry, internal area away from direct sunlight and chemical exposure. To ensure the integrity of James Hardie products, avoid installation during electrical storms and ensure surfaces are dry before application. Protect the insulation from the weather during transport and storage, as it's not intended for prolonged exposure to outdoor elements. Make sure the insulation is completely dry before installation to maintain its efficacy.


Installation Tips for James Hardie Insulation

Ensure proper installation by maintaining a minimum of 5mm compression on the sides within the wall stud bays. Should cutting be necessary, add an extra 5mm to your measurements to account for this compression. Limit the insulation's exposure by minimizing the quantity stored in work areas and avoid direct contact with eyes. For safe handling and installation of HardieFire insulation, wear appropriate safety gear, including:

  • Safety goggles or glasses compliant with AS/NZS 1336 standards,
  • Protective clothing, such as gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and trousers,
  • P1 or P2 respirators to prevent irritation.

Cutting HardieFire Insulation

For best practices, perform cutting activities outdoors. If indoor cutting is unavoidable, ensure the space is well-ventilated or equipped with HEPA vacuums/dust extractors. Orient your cutting station in a manner that directs dust away from users and bystanders. Utilize a mechanical hand saw or reciprocating saw for precise cuts of James Hardie batts.


Product Warranty

James HardieFire insulation comes with a 10-year manufacturing warranty when utilized in conjunction with HardieSmart Systems, offering peace of mind and assurance in the longevity and performance of your insulation solution.

Leverage James Hardie Fire Rockwool Insulation for your next project to meet fire protection requirements while enhancing the building's thermal and acoustic properties.


Material Code

Material CodeThickness (mm)



Length (mm)Width (mm)Area per pack (m²)Pieces per pack



James HardieFire Rockwool Insulation

GST Included
  • Efficient Returns

    • Simple Returns: Items can be returned within 10 days with a 20% restocking fee. Courier collection of leftover materials incurs additional fees.
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